Dr. Tahreen Syed

Director & Head of Center for Psycho-Oncology at Rising India Research Foundation

Dr. Tahreen is a highly experienced and versatile professional in healthcare and mental health. With Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery and masters in Counseling Psychology, as well as Clinical Psychology, she leads a team of psychologists at Harmony Health & Counseling Services. With over 12 years of practice, she specializes in homeopathic treatments and psycho-oncology. Dr. Tahreen has undergone specialized training in the field of psycho-oncology, which involves a focus on the psycho-social aspects of both patients and caregivers. In this role, she assesses their physical and psychological needs, provides support for individuals and families coping with loss, teaches coping techniques, and helps them develop resilience. She assists them in dealing with loss, develops coping techniques, and promotes resilience. Dr. Tahreen is known for her exceptional patient care, utilizing her expertise in homeopathy, psychotherapy, and counseling. She has conducted art-based therapies, group therapies, and life skill training in rehabilitation centers and schools. Renowned institutions have sought her for mental health sessions, and she is committed to the well-being of healthcare professionals. Dr. Tahreen is dedicated to holistic care and creates a supportive environment for growth and ethical practices.