Only Daughter's Club

Over the course of time, Indian society has exhibited a prevailing male dominance, resulting in the unfortunate practice of gender-based abortions where millions of girls are terminated. Even in the modern era, parents who have a firstborn daughter face immense pressure from their family and society to conceive a male child. In response to this pressing matter, a program called the "Only Daughter's Club" was introduced by Rising India Research Foundation. The initiative aims to promote the preference for having daughters by establishing a club consisting of families who share this view. The club seeks to engage with various communities, governments, and institutions such as banks and educational establishments, with the objective of facilitating and supporting these families. Our demand is for society to actively encourage parents who choose to have only daughters. We propose that the government offer special benefits to such parents, including preferred job placements for government employees with daughters and priority in promotion considerations. Furthermore, educational institutions should allocate reserved seats specifically for daughters from families with only female children, among other measures.

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