Impact 2023-24

Empowering futures, one initiative at a time:
The Rising India Research Foundation's projects-catalyzed significant transformation from 2023 to 2024, fostering hope, resilience, and progress. We recognized the need for prioritizing mental health and proper caregiving to the individuals with Cancer. Hence, We launched world's first Center for Psycho-Oncology partnered with Texas School of Mental Health as Cancer does not only affect the physical health but also has a debilitating impact on the person affected by it and on the near ones. Psycho-Oncology is a remarkable field, a Mental Health speciality field of medicine that is associated with the individuals with cancer, family members & loved ones, caregivers, volunteers & medical professionals. Psycho -Oncology combines principles of psychology, psychiatry, oncology and supportive care and deals with psychological, behavioural, social and emotional aspects of cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

World’s 1st Independent Center to improve the Quality of Life of Individuals with Cancer, Family Members

An initiative that has saved over a million girls from getting aborted

An Initiative under Beti Bachao Beti Padho to create awareness among school and college students

An initiative to empower Parents having Only Daughters

Mental Health educational programs for Cancer Caregivers & Family Members Palliative Care

Awareness programs on Mental Health

Awareness programs on Mental Health

A Marathi drama addressing the issues of Single Mother Parenting

About Us

Rising India Research Foundation is a Section 8 non-profit company, established in 2014, by Dr.Girish Lad . Our Organisation thrives towards acheiving several objectives by being committed towards women empowerment and Promoting mental health for all.

Our Fundamental objectives underlie empowering women that leads to the overall development of communities and the nation as a whole. To achieve this Primary objective Rising India has undertaken several initiatives and Research Projects and worked actively towards combating illegal sex determination practices and raising awareness about the repercussions of female Foeticide.


Board of Directors

Dr. Girish Lad

Chairman & Founder

Dr. Tarang Lad

Director - Finance

Dr. Tahreen Syed

Director & Head-Center for Psycho-Oncology

Rupali Kharadkar

Director of Asmi

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Our Events & Gallery

Umeed KiRun

Breast Screening Program

'Save the Baby Girl'

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam appriciating initiative 'Save the Baby Girl'


A Psycho-Oncology Play

Panel Discussion

Christmas Carnival

Awareness Session

Cancer Forum meeting